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Action Plan in relation to the phased implementation of the provisions of the Act

1. First Quarter 2004 | 2. Second Quarter 2004 | 3. First Quarter 2005 and Further|

First Quarter 2004

    Appointment of Coimisinéir Teanga. Part 4 of the Act will commence with the appointment of the Commissioner.

    Commencement on 19-1-2004 of Section 6. This provision relates to right to use the Irish language before either House of the Oireachtas including any committee thereof.

    Regulations to be made under Section 9(1) which relates to the use of the Irish language only, or the Irish and English languages together, on oral announcements -whether they be live or recorded, on stationery, on signage and on advertisements.

    Commencement of Section 9(2) which relates to the duty of public bodies to reply to correspondence - in writing or by electronic mail - in the language in which that correspondence was written.

2. Second Quarter 2004>>>